Apache Tomcat

How to install Apache Tomcat 9.X.X on Windows OS machine



 Java8 or later version installed Windows (64/32 bit) Operating System machine.

Step 1:

Download Apache Tomcat from Apache site ( under Download section.


Step 2 :

Post download of Apache Tomcat binary copy to any folder.

Example: If we are copying to E:\ drive, create one folder as “tomcat” and the copy under tomcat binary folder and extract the zip file.

To extract below is the process:

  1. Click on Apache Tomcat zip file.
  2. Right click on Apache Tomcat and click on Extract All.
  3. Will pop up the window and Click on Extract tab.

Step 3:

After extracting the folder, we will be getting the below folder format and explained about each and every folder.


Folder Names explanation : 

bin   — Start up and shut down and other use full files.

conf – Server configuration files (including server.xml)

lib     –  support or dependent library jar files for Apache Tomcat

logs  –  Log and output files

temp  — Directory used by the JVM for temporary files.

work – Temporary working directories for web applications

webapps — web applications deployment folder.

Step 4:

Go to apache tomcat home folder, i.e where the tomcat server is installed we can call as TOMCAT_HOME or CATALINA_HOME

As per our installation TOMCAT_HOME is  E:\tomcat\apache-tomcat-9.0.1-windows-x64\apache-tomcat-9.0.1

Set JAVA_HOME in / bin/ catalina.bat i.e copy and paste below the line at the start line of the catalina.bat file.

set JAVA_HOME=C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk-9

Step 5:

Start the Apache Tomcat: Go to TOMCAT_HOME/bin directory and double-click on a startup.bat file.


After starting the Apache Tomcat, we can browse with below URL in any browser. [Tomcat will run on default port 8080]

URL: http://localhost:8080/

Stopping the Tomcat: Go to TOMCAT_HOME/bin directory and double click on  shutdown.bat file

By simple 5 steps, we can install and start/stop the Apache Tomcat. Thanks.

We will be upload more about Apache Tomcat and other technical information if interested please follow us.

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