Java Programming

Java:OOPs concept – Data hiding

Data hiding:

The data hiding provides data integrity and data security and the other class member or method cannot access them directly our class methods if we can to access we can provide the public methods.

Providing class data members not access to other class is called Data hiding. In Java, we can achieve data hiding by defining data member as private.

Example :


       class DataHidingDemo {
          private int x;
          public void setX(int x) {
            this.x = x;
         public int getX {
            return x;


In data hiding, we define the data member i.e class variable with the private modifier, here we can set the data member data with setter and getters, So maintainability or managing or manipulating the data will become very easy.

Data hiding is one Object Orientated Programming feature, so it highly recommended to declare data member as private.

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